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Chaotic Good
Matching Accessories For Dogs and 

The New Dog Bandana

Easy to put on

Snaps are adjustable and easy to open and close.


Two lewks in one

Reinforced stitching

Machine washable


Uses XX less water compared to regular cotton.

No toxic chemicals leaching into waterways

Organic Cotton

Ethically made

Made in Australia providing good conditions and pay for workers

The collections

But like, why?

Loving our dogs shouldn't hurt the very places they like to go.

Fashions Impact:

Synthetic fibres live on for hundreds of years turning into micro plastics.

Excess water consumption is drying out our waterways.

Unwanted items are ending up in landfill.

Our Impact

Sustainable natural fibres are biodegradable and break down sooner.

Organic fibre production requires less water and dangerous chemicals.

Well made items get more wear.

We are changing this.

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