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Selena Watson


Greatdane lover.​

Not a real ginger.

Loves to relax with embroidery.

Enjoys accessorising Zoe so she is the cutest pup in the whole world.

Hey Friend.


Model & Puppy Consultant

Coolest dog around.

Keeps an eye on Selena.

Loves peanut butter and banana.

Hates cucumber.

Will give you a big kiss.


Hey! My name is Selena - Selene & Friends first began as a desire to match Zoe (my mischievous great dane) while walking. I was discouraged by the lack of large bandanas online and the lack of sustainability in the dog accessory world. This led me to start making my own accessories with sustainable fabrics which I loved so much I had to share. So many of us love dressing up and we should be able to do it without hurting the environment. Sustainable textiles and practices are an important step in stopping climate change. All of our accessories are handmade in Newcastle, Australia by me with the greatest love and care using sustainable and deadstock fabrics - you can find out more in the details of each product. P.S Selene is the Greek Moon Goddess - because anyone who cares for the Earth is a goddess in our eyes.

Our Difference

Our accessories are handmade with sustainable ethically made fabrics and materials - this is hard to come by in the dog and human world! All of the bandanas are double sided and adjustable making them easier to style and giving you two looks for the price of one. Every choice in the design and creation process is meticulously made with comfort and the environment in mind so you and your pup can just enjoy feeling cute and have fun!


The environment and ethical practices are at the heart of Selene & Friends. Sustainability is considered in every decision made - from our careful selection of fabrics and materials to our packaging. Our packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable while still looking cute (keep an eye out for our purple packages in the mail). We also contribute 1% of our revenue to carbon removal. I am planning on writing blog posts about the resources we use but in the meantime you can find this information on each product page in "details".

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